Results – 4th November

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MHHC’s results from our matches last Saturday…


Men’s 1 won 3-2 away to Buxton

Goals: Tom Whitehouse (2) & Ben Sleeman

Player of the Match was Tom Whitehouse

Men’s 2 won 2-1 at home to Leamington

Goals: Richard Goswell & Krish Jasinarachchi

Player of the Match was Luke van Diepen

“It was in truth a game best summed up when no hockey was being played as there were several long interruptions. We’d gone 1-0 down but were getting back in the match when the opposition goalkeeper decided to take issue with Krish for wearing the wrong colour socks … it was decided that Krish would change his socks at half time. We then decided to chase an orange ball around for a bit, managed to equalise until the umpires decided we all needed another breather, blew for half-time and reminded Krish to change his socks … which he duly did.

The second half that followed was more akin to two drunk men trying to blow a feather off each other’s noses on a windy day but we somehow contrived to take the lead with the scruffiest goal ever seen. I would add that it may have hit the backboard, but any sound was drowned out by the fireworks going off around us – and I’m not talking metaphorical fireworks, I’m talking proper ones because St Joseph’s display was well underway. This now brought about another delay in the match as the smoke from the bonfire was drifting across the pitch hindering the umpires view of the spectacle.

Thankfully common sense prevailed and having invested so much in our lives in the game we all thought it best to play out the last three minutes. This we did, closing the game to the second rendition of Peter Kay’s of ‘Is this the way to Amarillo’ and making it back to The Royalist just in time for last orders.”

Men’s 3 lost 1-16 at home to Ashby

Goal: Philip Powell

Player of the Match was Toby Fletcher

“Men’s 3s played a home game at last. First half we started poorly but as game went on we started to work on the marking and calling for the ball. In the second half we scored our first goal of the season from Phil Powell. Sadly the final score was 16-1 to Ashby. 

Player of the Match goes to Toby Fletcher who stepped forward as Vice Captain and also played well in defence.”

Women’s 1 won 4-0 at home to Northampton Saints 2

Goals: Ellie John, Ellie Hand, Lauren Hand & Charlotte Butler

Player of the Match was Ellie Hand

“The Sandy Siro regained its fortress title with a resounding thrashing by the Ladies 1s of Northampton Saints. From the starting whistle Market Harborough dominated the play and surged into the opposition D with growing confidence and tactical build up. It was only the tenacity of the travelling keeper which kept the scoreline to 1-0 at half time. Ellie Hand scored a wonderous goal to put the home side ahead at the half hour mark. Surging down the wing and taking the keeper on leaving the standing defence in her wake. She showed lighting pace and reactions to open the scoreline and send the multitude of supporters into a frenzy.

After the break Harborough continued to build on training ground routines and looked in total control of the match. Building play from the defensive line, switching it round and keeping possession led to a flurry of short corners. Charlotte Butler added to her growing goal tally converting a short corner and Ellie John was on hand to steal the next short corner over the line after a melee in the D. Then came captain Lolly Hand to put the cherry on the cake with her outstanding finish extending the total to 4-0. A smart interchange between Lolly Hand and Susan Henderson led to a glorious sweep from the top of the D which wrongfooted the standing keeper and bemused all the opposition defence. Final score remained 4-0 to the home side.

They travel to Derby next week to build on the confidence and the tactical prowess that they showed this weekend.”

Mixed A won 8-4 away to Bedouins Camels

Goals: Noel Burton (4), Vanessa Riley (3) & Charlie Schanschieff

“The team were excited about playing away at Soar Valley Leisure Centre against our rivals Bedouin Camels. If we quickly flashback a few months ago, this same match was where the team battled hard to secure the top spot of Division 3 and gain promotion to Division 2.

The starting whistle blew, and the first ten minutes flowed for Camels, with their forwards and midfielders co-coordinating well and narrowly missing a initial shot on goal that was saved by a confident Keeper Jake Wilson. MH then began to show more structure and with Jack March and Noel Burton creating some strong, fluid movement down the right wing, we knew a goal wasn’t far away. A fantastic run from Vanessa Riley down the left wing led to a ball in the D catching an opposition’s foot: short corner. Charlie Schanschieff launched the ball to Noel Burton, who slipped the ball right to Marissa Bole which then ended up back at his feet and into the back of the goal.

With a revved up MH side on the front foot, with energy and motivation after the first goal, it wasn’t long until another fantastic move from Jack March and Peter Skerrett led to a second short corner. This time with the absence of Burton, Skerrett took the position on the top of the D. Schanschieff out to Skerrett, the ball was firmly passed back to the bottom left hand post where Schanschieff swiped forcefully at the goal. This initial shot was saved and with the ball loose, Schanschieff managed to squeeze his stick between the defenders to push the ball onto the backboard. Coming up to the last few minutes of half-time Camels started to push back. With a strong middle three working well, our defence had to work hard. Strong performances from our sweeping backs Stephen Parr and Peter March kept the quick and piercing attack at bay.

Mixed A headed back into formation for the second half and what followed was a feast for the eyes. Only two minutes into the second half, Noel Burton received the ball just short of the 25’ on the left wing. He then proceeded to beat 2 defenders on the way to the D, stormed through two more and finished with a crack of a shot into the back left hand corner. This bigger lead was clearly not enough for the full-time striker, as a fantastic sweeping move down the right wing with Jack March led to a second goal in the space of two minutes. Quick and elegant passing from Burton and Skerrett led to Burton once again having a chance to score from the prime position at the top of the D. Smashed into the corner. Three goals in under six minutes, what a performance for Noel Burton. 

The scoring continued with support from Stephen Parr, who had a fantastic attempt on goal with Vanessa Riley tapping in the deflection after a scramble in the D. Although with a strong lead, MH were then on the defence for a prolonged period of time whilst Camels pressurised our D. With a short corner given, MH were ready to run out, the shot was flicked from the top of the D heading towards the goal and was amazingly saved by Ellie Cawthrow and cleared quickly byt the defence. Unfortunately, following this Camels managed to squeeze in a opening goal despite Wilson’s fantastic efforts all afternoon.

MH were very quick to reply, a brilliant individual move from Peter Skerrett with help from Sophie Millett led to a 4th short corner. Pushed out by Schanschieff it was passed back to him, then pushed to Marissa Bole, who was running in from the right side of the D. Bole hit a rifling shot to the left hand corner where Vanessa Riley swept the ball in to get another goal. With 15 minutes to go MH were still pushing for more goals. However, Camels scored three goals in very quick succession. Credit must go to keeper Jake Wilson for some outstanding saves, Rosie Glenister for solid defensive work and Zoe Marlow for commitment in tackling.

A final push down the left wing by Imogen March was then passed efficiently towards Skerrett who landed it on a foot for another short corner. MH pushing for a final goal led to Skerrett hitting it with Riley again on the follow up to sweep the ball in. MH 8-4. What a fantastic performance all round! A great result from a strong Division 2 side. We look forward to next week’s match against Rutland Oaks.”

Badgers won 6-1 at home to Northampton Saints Badgers

Goals: Thomas Parry, Cian Kirke, Thomas Ainsworth, Owen Arthur, Tony Fletcher & Thomas Humphrey

“Another Win! 6 goals from 6 different scorers. We ended up winning 6-1 in a really nice game against Northampton Saints. The whole team played great hockey, especial our new players Ruby Howe and Thomas Humphrey.

Goals came from Thomas Parry, Owen Arthur, Thomas Ainsworth, Cian Kirke, Toby Fletcher and Thomas Humphrey.”




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