Results – 2/3rd December

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Our results from the league and cup matches played this weekend…



Men’s 1 won 4-1 away to South Nottingham 

Goals: Nick Hall (2), Ben Sleeman & Ryan Harrison

Player of the Match was Adam Smith

“We played as a team running out 4-1 winners.”

Men’s 2 lost 2-6 away to Ashby 

Goals: Krish Jasinarachchi & Matt Cook

Players of the Match were Luke van Diepen and Nick Riley

“The Mens 2’s set off on a journey to Ashby… but it was Christmas Market day and after a short wait for the previous game to finish up, we decided to give Ashby an early 2 goal lead, before finally getting started. Some crisp play, in contrast to the not so crisp weather resulted in several missed opportunities. Finally, a Ben Morgan Williams drive from the oppositions 23 to inside the D gave Krish Jasinarachchi a chance to nutmeg the keeper making it 2-1 and announcing our arrival in the game. Harborough then had some great runs of play, being the better team for big chunks of the 1st half. Unfortunately we decided to go for half time early, giving Ashby chance to go 3-1 up at the break.

The second half mirrored the first in many ways, with Harborough pulling one back to show signs of wanting to win after a cheeky reverse stick flick by Matt Cook off a ping into the D from Rob Davies ended up in the back of the net. Despite some strong battling from youngsters Joe Butler, Max Shortland, James Clements and Jack March, Ashby managed to slip 3 more in past stand-in goalkeeper, Nick Riley, who had an outstanding match. 

Final score was Ashby 6, Market Harborough 2. Player of the Match went to a combination of Luke Van Diepen who put a shift in once again in midfield and Nick Riley who had a great game in goal.”

Men’s 3 won 6-3 at home to Tamworth

Goals: Noel Burton (5) & Harry Wilford

“Men’s 3s had a cracking first half with the score being 4-0 but during the second half we let a few goals in. The final score was 6-3 thanks to two further amazing goals from Noel Burton. Burton scored five of our goals and Harry Wilford got the other on his debut for the 3s.”


Women’s 2 lost 3-1 at home to Ashby 2s

Goal: Sophie Millett

Player of the Match was Molly Quilter

“Women’s 2 faced top-of-the-table Ashby 2s in buoyant sprits at home on Saturday, as the team were determined to make an impact. Unluckily, only a few minutes in, one of the youngsters took a tumble over the Ashby GK and had to leave the pitch for good.

The 2s were undeterred and piled on the pressure to push towards the Ashby goal. A number of passes around the Ashby defenders saw Sophie Millett send the ball bouncing over the keepers stick for the first goal of the match. Pressure continued from both sides, and the second goal was also scored by Harborough, but unfortunately in the wrong net!

Level pegging after the break, both teams were equally matched as the ball travelled from one end to another. Harborough had numerous chances on goal but narrowly missed the target by the smallest of margins. Ashby’s luck was in, their aim was true as they slipped another two into the Harborough goal. The 2s fought on to the end, attacking Ashby from all angles and winning many short corners, but were sadly unable to convert. The match ended 3-1 to Ashby, with comments from both sides regarding the competitive, enjoyable and friendly nature of the game. The 2s look forward to the rematch after Christmas – when hopefully the luck will fall in Harborough’s favour!”

Women’s 3 lost 0-1 away to Roundhill Women’s 1

Player of the Match was Emily Williams

“A good game, despite the 1-0 loss, the Women’s 3s played really well. They started a little shakily but with a slight tactical adjustment they never shirked from the task in hand. With the resolute defence, a midfield harrying and chasing, and the tireless running of the forwards, Roundhill Ladies were never allowed to settle and increase their advantage. Well played to everyone of you, keep up the good work!”



Men’s 1 lost 0-11 at home to Boots in the English Hockey Championship, National Vase Competition

Player of the Match was Tom Moorhouse

“Picture the scene. It’s the English Hockey Championship Tier 2, Round 3, Vase Knockout Competition. Boots are two divisions higher than us and currently running away with their league so when the oppositions supporters turn up and tell me as a goal keeper that I am in for a busy afternoon then the portents do not look good. Therefore, that game plan was to simply extract and dwell on the positives and these are as follows.

Firstly – we restricted their Polish international striker to single figures. Indeed, we restricted all their scorers to single figures but unfortunately there were 7 different scorers (and unfortunately some of them did score more than once!)

Secondly – one of their short corner routines was so complicated that it even gave Nick Riley ample time to run out and block the shot. (I would also add that they only scored from one of their five short corners.)

Finally – we all felt decidedly more Christmassy after listening to their ghetto blaster blaring out ‘Stay Another Day’ by East 17 in the changing rooms after the game.

So that was it really. The Men’s first teams cup odyssey is over for another year and they are left to concentrate on the league.


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