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It’s soooo good to be playing again after the Christmas break!

Here are the results from our matches last weekend…



Mixed A won 13-0 at home to Harlequins

Goals: Noal Burton (4), Vanessa Riley (2), Eleanor Cawthrow (2), Charlie Schanschieff (2), Jack March (2) & Liam McLean

“After the Christmas break, the Mixed A’s were back to start 2018 with the final re-arranged fixture against Harlequins. Like stuffed turkeys, some more than others, the Mixed A team took to a freezing cold home pitch hoping the ability to play hockey would come back to them through the lingering holiday fog of alcohol and mince pies. Harborough showed their quality from the first whistle with exquisite passing and fantastic movement that led to a 13-0 win at the final whistle! The goal tallly being contributed to by many:

Noel Burton: Four classic Burton goals, with the skills and charge to pass two defenders to fire off quick and direct shots to secure some easy goals. 

Vanessa Riley: Two goals by the regular left wing striker. Both from Burton crosses into the D. Riley got her stick on the end at the back post to tap in two perfect goals. 

Jack March: A fantastic run from Phil Powell down the middle was slipped to March who was waiting on the edge of the D to secure a goal from a strong shot. The second goal from some skillful dribbling which led to March being poised on the top of the D to smack a shot into the left corner. 

Liam McLean: Midpoint in the first half McLean received the ball from a fast paced Phil Powell on the back left hand post, where McLean delivered a drilling shot elegantly into the top corner. 

Charlie Schanschieff: The opening goal came from a cross by Burton where a diving Schanschieff placed his stick in the way to deflect the ball into the goal. A second goal from a long corner set piece with Skerrett setting Schanschieff up to sweep the ball past the keeper and onto the backboard. 

Ellie Cawthrow: Skerrett crossed the ball to Cawthrow, usually a defender, to sweep the ball in for her debut goal of the season and the fifth goal of the match. A second from a short corner routine, with Cawthrow calmly slotting the ball into the bottom left corner.

After a great game and a good score tally to keep them on point for goal difference in the league, they look forward to an exciting second half of the season at the top of the table.”

‪Men’s 2 lost 1-4 at home to Derwent

‪Goal: Krish Jasinarachchi‬

Player of the Match was Stuart McCagney

“The 2nd team turned up for the re-arranged game against Derwent on Saturday following a long break with several games having been cancelled before Christmas. 

Derwent are only just above Harborough in the league. The game started well, with the limping Nick Riley agreeing to help the stand-in captain Raoul Mercer; we went and won the toss. Since it was bright sunshine we were keen to play with the sun so this was a great start. Unfortunately, that was short lived since the sun decided to disappear and the rain came down – perhaps we should have realised then that things were not going to go well.

It looked as though the Harborough team had partaken of a bit too much Christmas pudding as Derwent moved the ball around and scored two early goals. Harborough came back into the game with a great worked short corner, with Krish Jasinarachchi sending a rocket shot into the net.

Harborough battled hard but still seemed to be behind the pace and then our keeper Simon Garlick was injured. After a delay Stuart McCagney bravely volunteered to go in the net. Harborough had to then soak up pressure for the last 20 mins, but with some great keeping by Stuart, managed to keep it down to just one additional goal, earning him the Player of the Match award.

So, we lost 1-4, but a good effort. Let’s see if we can start to reduce the injury list and get the team back to full strength.”

Women’s 2 won 4-2 away to Lutterworth 

Goals: Ella Partridge (2), Sarah Hornbuckle & Caroline Dow

Player of the Match was Ellie Askham

“After a long festive break the 2s were back in action on Saturday away to Lutterworth. The lack of hockey in the run up to this match was evident in the time it took for the ladies to get going; for the first 15 minutes the team fumbled their way round the pitch allowing Lutterworth to gain possession. With a lucky break the opposition capitalised on a goal-mouth scramble giving them an early lead. The tide began to turn as the hosts slowly lost their grip on the game, they were quickly thwarted as Harborough kept possession going into the half-time break.

In the second half Lutterworth couldn’t break through as Harborough took control. A number of team passes led to Niamh Arthur, near the top of the D, sending the ball to Ella Partridge, on the post, who swiftly slapped the ball in for the first Harborough goal. This was soon followed by another assist from Niamh to Caroline Dow who sent the ball over the line. Lutterworth tried to get back into the match, but with the 2s tight marking they could not pass the Harborough line. Ella saw a gap in the hosts defence and ran the ball into the D, a reverse stick shot flew over the keeper into the back of the net. An assist from Abbie Wilson to Sarah Hornbuckle perfectly positioned near the p-spot, who turned on a sixpence and sent the ball crashing in. 

In the dying moments of the match, Lutterworth gained a short corner. The whistle blew and this led to a 4v10 in the Harborough D. One short led to another, then another, which produced a scrappy result for the hosts. The match ended 4-2 to Harborough.

A great effort from the whole team. Player of the Match went to Ellie Askham for her hard work in defence.”

Women’s 3 lost 1-3 at home to Roundhill Women’s 1 in their Cup match

Goal: Hazel O’Connell

Player of the Match was Sally Kirke

“Well the icy pitch did nothing to diminish the hopes and dreams of the 3s cup run. As a great Oracle once said… if you believe… you can believe… and we believed. 

A New Year present arrived in the shape of our coach, David Grammer, and his pre- match, during-match, half-match and post-match talks were appreciated and a pleasant surprise. If we had followed them throughout the match, the result may have been different!

We set up as instructed and kept Roundhill at bay for a large majority of the first half. One lapse in shape, resembling a flat front 10, saw Roundhill enter our D and a lucky deflection saw them score a goal.

The second half and we set up resolute, but sadly the momentum was lost as was our shape. Roundhill capitalised on this lack of form to score another goal. 2-0! The Harborough midfield forged forward and we were rewarded with a short corner. The resulting corner saw Charlotte Lewis pass the ball to the left and Hazel O’Connell slotted it past the keeper.

Harborough kept pushing and tried really hard to equalise, but Roundhill were awarded a long corner and the visitors scored again. Final score 3-1.

A loss but a great effort. Player of the match was Sally Kirke.”





Men’s 3 lost 1-4 at helm to Atherstone Adders

Goal: Jack March

Player of the Match was Nick Riley

“At half time, the was game finely poised at 0-0, but 30 seconds into the second half we were 1-0 down. This stirred the team and 5 mins later we were level. At this point the greatest match report was being formed in my head but it wasn’t to be.

Anyway, 4-1 was far from a fair reflection of the game and credit must go to the youngsters who acquitted themselves well against a well drilled Atherstone Adders side. In particular special mention must go to Jack March for his wing play and assured finish for our goal.”


‪Men’s 1 won 4-1 at home to Tamworth

‪Goals: Tom Williams (3) & Tim Chapman‬

Player of the Match was Tom Williams


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