Results – 10th February

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Our results and reports from last weekend…


Mixed A drew 4-4 at home to Syston Town

Goals: Laura Matthews, Noel Burton, Imogen March & Charlie Schanschieff

“On a wet and soggy Saturday, with gusty winds thrown in for good measure, Market Harborough Mixed A took on Syston Town in the next Division 2 League Match. Captain Marissa Bole tried her best to rally an amount of enthusiasm before the match, despite the weather, which thankfully the team responded to and went out ready to rock.

The game was tight throughout with a feisty Syston ready to take on every tackle and intercept any crossing balls. They didn’t take too kindly to tackles made by the Harborough side which played to our advantage as they got frustrated. It was a challenging game but Harborough certainly demonstrated some of the best hockey they’ve played all season with players moving off the ball, creating plenty of space and passing it to and fro, up and down the pitch, to create opportunities throughout the game.

Goals scored throughout the match were deservedly so, with regular guest player Laura Matthews positioned well on the left post, to knock in a cross behind the Keeper to put Harborough 1-0 up. After that goals kept coming at regular intervals with a Noel Burton signature straight-shot from a short corner which caught the keeper’s foot before richocheting off and into the goal. Next up was Imogen March with a fantastic scramble on the right post from another short corner. She fought to retain the ball as the keeper desperately tried to clear it, but the young player stood strong and chipped it in.

The unfortunate story to this match was that for every well earnt goal Harborough scored, the opposition made a break and chipped in another goal of their own. With five minutes to go the score was 4-3 to Syston and after a tense match with stoppages, we weren’t about to go down without a fight. Harborough kept their composure and in the dying minutes Noel Burton posted a long field pass from the half way line to Charlie Schanschieff who, left one-on-one with the last defender and Syston keeper, kept his cool and put away the final goal to finish the game 4-4, much to the team’s delight! Not quite a win but enough to keep us in the running for top 3 in the League table for now. Bring on the rest of the season!”

Men’s 1 lost 3-4 at home to Buxton

Goals: Andy Harrold, Ben Sleeman & Rob Smith

Player of the Match was GK Chris Hall

A close match played in very wet conditions…

Mens 1 rainy  day

Men’s 2 lost 1-2 away to Leamington

Goal: Max Shortland

Player of the Match was Max Shortland

“The Men’s 2s travelled to Leamington, with youth making up over half the side. The game started amazingly well, with lots of pressure from Harborough until against the run of play Leamington managed to drag flick their first short corner shaving the hairs off Rob Davies ear on the way past – although he did manage to get a stick to it. Undeterred, Harborough continued to press hard with shots from the forwards, including Thomas Parry who at 13 seems to be finding his home in the Men’s side. Late in the first half, Harborough were really unlucky to concede a second, with a shot from the opposition outside the D, which was then deflected in by Stuart McCagney. Despite the protests, the goal was awarded.

After a quick half time prep talk from Captain Richard Goswell, who reminded us we were all actually playing quite well, we reigned shorts all around the oppositions D. Persistence paid off with Max Shortland in a central midfield role scoring a corker that dipped between the keepers legs to earn himself Player of the Match. Result was 2-1, but a well battled game for Harborough showing plenty of talent from both the youth and the old hands. 

If you fancy getting involved, please get in touch or pop down to try hockey out on a Wednesday night!”

Women’s 3 lost 0-8 away to Lutterworth

Player of the Match was Beth Pedler


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