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The results from our league matches last wekend…

Mixed A won 8-0 at home to Kibworth Hospitals

Goals: Noel Burton (3), Vanessa Riley (2), Charlie Schanschieff (2) & Imogen March

“Come wind, sun or snow, the Mixed A are unstoppable! A nervous Friday night was had by all wondering if the weather would deliver it’s very unwelcome flurry of snow but luckily it held off allowing the match against mid-table Kibworth Hospitals to go ahead. It was, however, absolutely freezing and Philip Powell’s pre-warning of wearing skins was taken on board by everyone except returning defender Stephen Garratt (who clearly must have forgotten hockey is a winter sport but could be forgiven by the very fact it’s the middle of March and better weather should be expected!).

Harborough dominated right from the off, working as a team pendulum, swinging left then right as play moved across the pitch. The midfield expertly closed down the opposition’s attacking players whilst the defenders channelled them off into the corners where they could commandeer the ball, picking it straight off the other players sticks. Brilliant intercepts kept the ball away from the goal for much of the match as the forwards pressed high which saw some of the most beautiful hockey all season where a number of passes were made between each player, keeping the opposition on their toes and great timing securing point after point throughout the match.

Three goals came from top striker Noel Burton with straight shots on goal from the top of the circle, one after a one-two play pass with Peter Skerrett in a well rehearsed short corner routine, and another was a perfectly timed reverse stick cross from fellow striker Charlie Schanshieff for Burton to knock home. Schanshieff also claimed two goals of his own, one of which was scored in the dying minutes after the last approach by the opposition. Two goals were courtesy of left winger Vanessa Riley, the first of which came from two forward passes amoungst the forwards who found Riley poised one-on-one with the keeper, past which she then slotted the ball to secure the first goal of the match. Her second was beautifully chipped through the defenders legs and into the bottom left corner. The last goal making up the impressive tally went to young Imogen March after a desperate scramble on the line by the keeper to keep the ball rolling into goal which March made sure it did. 

Goals galore, but another noteworthy point is that of the Harborough keeper Jake Wilson’s epic skills. In the words of Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry “Did he fire six shots, or only five?”. Well in this case it was hard to tell but with every single successive shot Wilson was there to ensure no goals would be scored on his watch, with dive after dive, or a stick or hand to the ball, keeping it a clean sheet for the team. It was unbelievable to watch, and harder for the opposition to comprehend!

Brilliant work by all the team, with good habits and well timed advances putting them in a great position to go out and smash it in the final games of the season as we take on top-of-the-table for promotion.”

Men’s 1 lost 1-5 away to Tamworth

Goal: Jon Cooper

Player of the Match was Chris Hall




Photos from the Tamworth Herald

MHHC are in white, Max Shortland is the star of the show!

Women’s 1 lost 1-2 away to Derby 1

Goal: Sally Trappitt-Jones

Player of the Match was Ellie John

Women’s 2 lost 1-3 away to Ashby Ladies 2s

Goal: Sophie Millett

Player of the Match was Grace Howe

“Women’s 2s faced top-of-the-table Ashby 2s away this week. In travel terms it’s the 2s furthest game, snow and cold temperatures were forecast, the astro was deemed fit and the match went ahead. 

From the start Harborough resolutely held their place on the pitch using the widths to their benefit. Unfortunately, nine minutes in, one of the team was struck by the ball causing her to go off the pitch and take away the team’s only sub. Play continued, and from a short corner, Ashby scored. Harborough pushed back hard and won a short corner of their own. Sophie Millett injected the ball to Charlotte Butler who swiftly hit it back to Sophie on the post to push the ball hard into the goal.

Drawing at half time, and with the injured player recovered and back on the pitch, Harborough were raring to go. Pressure from the opposition increased and the 2s defence were forced to mark tighter and push their way out of the Harborough D. Ashby capitalised with two goals, a score which, despite many leads and near misses from harborough, didn’t change.

Throughout the match, the cold easterly wind and snow furries continued as Harborough held strong. In spite of the lack of the 2s regular defenders, the ladies put up a good fight and played a resilient game of hockey full of breaks, passes and optimism for the outcome. Well played all! 

Player of the Match went to debut player Grace Howe for her capable play in midfield and great first game for the 2s.”

Women’s 3 won 1-0 at home to Roundhill Women’s 1

Goal: Emily Williams 

Joint Players of the Match were Ellie Askham and Grace Howe

“Twas a cold day. We ended up having three subs, but swiftly lost two players within minutes to injury and illness. Harborough fought hard, hassled, caused mistakes from the oppo and gave as good as they got. Roundhill pressed but had no way through. Then we got a short corner. It wasn’t pretty. So, Emily Williams steps forward for our next impending short corner and stood top D. And well, she smashed it. 1-0 Harbs. 

Beth Pedler in goal was solid as always. The rest of the game, Harbs worked hard; everyone marking. Many short corners defended. Ellie Askham running out on all of those shorts was just phenomenal. The pressure was on and on and on some more. But Harbs hassled, hussled and won the ball. It was hard, but they did it! Absolute hard work, busting a gut and pure team spirit held the 1 goal lead right up to the end. Absolutely spot on Harbs 3s.

Also, hats of to Grace Howe, the bravest player on the pitch today, no fear.”

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