Results – 22nd September

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Last Saturday the Mixed A team were playing in a league match…

Mixed A won 6-4 at home to Horizon

Goals: Rob Smith (3), Ellie Cawthrow, Stephen Parr & Adam Pardon

“On Saturday, Mixed A set out to play their first home league game against Horizon who won Division 2 last season. Despite the typical English weather, Mixed A knew this game would be a good one, but tough as well. 

Our first goal was scored in the first short corner. Stephen Parr received the ball, passed it to Rob Smith who returned it to Parr for him to slip the ball into the corner. Minutes later another goal was scored in a penalty flick taken by Adam Pardon, who scored in the bottom left corner. Horizon then scored their first goal in a penalty corner making it 2-1. 

After the break, the opposition soon scored a second goal making it 2-2. Rob Smith broke the draw by smashing it past the keeper as Horizon upped their game with more attacking play. Defender, Zoe Marlow, worked hard to keep the opposition at bay, but Horizon were putting up a fight and their tactics paid off as they slipped one past the Mixed A keeper, making it 3-3. 

Harborough were not deterred. Rob Smith went for goal again, going one-on-one with the keeper’s pads, and Ellie Cawthrow was on hand to slip the ball into the back of the goal making it 4-3. With the assistance of Imogen March passing it to Stephen Parr, who then made a clear pass to Rob Smith, giving Smith the opportunity to score the fifth goal for Harborough. Horizon replied with a forth goal slipping it past keeper Jake Wilson.

With only minutes left of the game, Harborough didn’t let another Horizon goal put them off. The team worked hard and thanks to Stephen Parr, the final goal of the game was tapped into the net after a Rob Smith shot on goal. 

The final score was 6-4 to the Mixed A. The defence stopped many goals in this game with Peter March as centre back who did some amazing stops. Every single player on the team played amazingly. Good work team!”


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