Results – 29th September

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The return of league matches for all our senior teams last Saturday…

Women’s 1 lost 1-2 away to Loughborough Students Ladies 3s

Goal: Abigail Reeves


Women’s 2 won 3-0 at home to Ashby Ladies 3s

Goals: Kelly Tarrant, Hatty Clements & Jessie Wells

Player of the Match was Grace Howe

“Women’s 2s faced Ashby Ladies 3s in the sunshine on Saturday; with new team mates the 2s were hungry for a positive start to the season.

Lots of hard work through the middle ground produced end-to-end action as the teams settled into the match. The stalemate was soon broken by new Harborough player Kelly Tarrant, who collected the ball on the wing, drove onwards into space, saw an opening in front of her and took it all the way to goal. 

The second half began with Harborough on the offensive. A number of penalty corners gave chances that eventually paid off with a result. The ball ping-ponged swiftly between players across the D, to be skilfully tapped home by Hatty Clements.

Ashby tried to pile on pressure, but they could not reply. Harborough kept up their attack with a number of drives forward keeping Ashby firmly in their own half. Lucy James sent the ball into the D, where Jessie Wells was well placed on the p-spot to fire it home. Final result, 3-0 to Harborough.

Player of the Match was midfielder Grace Howe. A great opening match for the season. Onwards and upwards!”


Women’s 3 lost 1-5 away to Leicester Ladies 5s

Goal: Louise Hosie

“The first match of the league season for Women’s 3 saw us facing Leicester Ladies 5s, a team who have beaten us very convincingly at every previous meeting; we knew it would be a more difficult game than our most recent friendly. 

Both our new-ish and our more established young players were astounding throughout the match, winning compliments from the opposition’s coach for their tenacity and their attacking play. With some hard-working, slightly more experienced players supporting them in mid and in defence, and fantastic leadership from on-pitch Captain Amy Evans, we kept the score to 5-1, our goal coming from new player Louise Hosie. 

A promising start to the season, with lots to build on. Opposition choice Player of the Match was given to GK Beth Pedler, who made some inspired saves. It would have been difficult to choose one person from our team as it was a genuine team effort but, for me, contenders would include Faith Naylor, Emily Murray, Amy Evans and Mia Wheeler.

Thank you for the support from 2s and from our cheering squad – always appreciated!”


Mens 1 lost 2-7 away to Atherstone Adders 1

Goals: Jon Cooper & Nicholas Hall

Player of the Match was Tom Williams

“A few photos from the end of Saturday’s opening league match for the Men’s 1s vs Atherstone Adders. Thanks to Ben Langdown.”





Men’s 2 lost 2-11 at home to Khalsa 3

Goals: R Goswell (2)


Men’s 3 won 3-2 at home to Rugby & East Warwickshire 7

Goals: Stefano Bensi (2) & Thomas Parry

Player of the Match was Harry Wilford

“A perfect start to the season, after playing a few preseason warm-ups, for the 3s. Winning 3-2 against the Rugby & East Warwickshire 7s, the team played incredibly well.

Harborough had a strong first half: shutting out the opponent; scoring twice; and winning almost every 50/50. In the second half the team fought back hard, scoring twice, but upped their game and managed to get a final goal. Goal scorers were Stefano Bensi (2) and Thomas Parry. 

Man of the Match: after a great performance the award is well deserved and goes to Harry Wilford.”


Mixed A lost 0-3 away to Nomads

“The Mixed A set off on a warm Saturday to Soar Valley, and were ready to put up a fight. After last week’s game the team still wanted to prove that we are right for Division 1 and that is exactly what we did. 

Two weeks on the trot Mixed have gone out and put up a fight and gave them a run for their money. From our training on Wednesday, Mixed used the tactic of sticking together and going out wide when we had a break. As Charlie said in our pre-match talk ‘The first 10 minutes are key,’ and so we took that into consideration and played outstandingly.

Everything was going better than we thought, we kept hassling players, marked amazingly and made some great tackles. A goal was definitely going to happen, unfortunately it happened for the opposition. The half time whistle blew and the score was 1-0.

After an inspirational half-time team talk and suggestions to confuse the opposition, nothing was going to stop us from playing well. The Mixed A had this in the bag as we played amazingly with many chances on goal, including one from a short corner, however this one went in the goal but didn’t hit the back board. Unlucky Charlie! 

Nomads scored another sneaky two goals. Harborough’s defence put up a good fight with midfield supporting the back and the attackers waiting for the break but dropping back when needed. Overall, in the second half, Mixed played even better than our first 10 minutes of the game.

You should all be proud of yourselves! Roll on next week’s game, let’s keep showing division 1 what the mighty mixed A’s are made of! Many thanks to Ruth Staunton, Joshua Osborne and Kelly Tarrant for coming along and playing a game with the Mixed.

Final score was 3-0 to Nomads.”


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