Results – 3rd November

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Our results from Saturday’s matches…

Women’s 1 drew 1-1 away to Ashbourne Ladies 1s

Goal: Hattie Hammond

Player of the Match was Hattie Hammond

Women’s 2 drew 1-1 at home to Leicester Ladies 5s

Goal: Milly Docherty

Player of the Match was Niamh Arthur

“Harborough 2s always enjoy a run out against Leicester, and today was no exception. Solid defending from the front gave Harborough the majority of the possession, and despite many chances in the Leicester D, the first half ended without a point on the score sheet.

Leicester started strong in the second half and broke the deadlock with a goal. Harborough took note and lifted their attack, creating a number of penalty corners and breaks into the opposition’s D. The equaliser came from Milly Docherty as she fired the ball along the baseline to Jessie Wells, who sent it back to Milly to deflect in on the post. Harborough kept the pressure on Leicester with a number of chances they couldn’t quite convert. As the umpires signalled for 2 minutes remaining, Leicester pressed high with a counter attack, for Harborough GK, Vicky Christodoulou, to make a great penalty corner save in the dying moments of the match. Final result 1-1.

An exciting game, played with spirit and enjoyed by both teams. Well done all!”

Women’s 3 lost 1-6 away to Loughborough Town Women’s 3rd

Goal: Mia Wheeler

Badgers won 6-0 at home to Northampton Saints Badgers 2

Goals: Natalie Baumler, Cian Kirke & Toby Fletcher

“What a game! We always have a good game against Northampton Saints and this match did not disappoint. The whole team played well, and the goals were scored by us using all our players to get the ball in the right place in the Dee.

Cian Kirke and Emily Doe hit some great balls into the Dee allowing other players in the right place to get the goals. Well done Natalie for getting four!”

Mixed A lost 0-2 at home to Bedouins (U)

“The mixed A this week were at home to Bedouins Camels. The team stuck to the 4-4-2 formation, and this week something clicked in our brains because we played an amazing first half. We passed well, made some great tackles and used the width. The defence were on point this week making some amazing tackles and stops with the midfield coming back to help defend. It wasn’t until the last 10 minutes that the opposition scored.

After a team talk of praise and shock, as we couldn’t believe how well we were doing despite the goal, the whistle went for the second half. Keeper Jake Wilson made some cracking saves and everyone got stuck-in and read the opposition well to block out their passes. The final score was 2-0 to the opposition, but this was an impressive game for the Mixed A.

Highlight of the match: towards the end of the game defender, Zoe Marlow, got stuck-in by not letting any players barge past her – when one of the players attempted to, she stepped up, barged back, took the ball, and left the player in shock. Brilliant job Mixed A, you should all be proud of yourselves!”

Men’s 1 won 3-2 away to University of Warwick 

Goals: Ben Sleeman, Adam Smith & Ben Langdown

Player of the Match was Adam Smith

“Men’s 1s travelled to Warwick University for a hotly contested game. With the skipper away, we weren’t quite sure how the nervous stand-in captain, Rob Smith, would perform!

Harborough started well with an early goal from Ben Sleeman only to concede not once, but twice, in unfortunate fashion. Fortunately the comeback was complete when Adam Smith and Ben Langdown both scored to make it three wins in a row for the Harborough 1s. It seems the stand-in captain hadn’t forgotten how to do it!”

Men’s 2 lost 2-4 away to Sikh Union [Coventry] 2

Goals: Noel Burton

Player of the Match was Matti Hodgson

“Men’s 2 travelled to Sikh Union on the back of a challenging set of results. Harborough started well with positive play, which mid-way through the first half allowed Noel “choo choo” Burton to do what he does best… smash one in from the top of the D. 

Unfortunately the Sikh Union umpire gave a flick against Harborough. The first attempt was missed, the second saved, before the Sikh Union number 7 finally slotted home millimetres past Matthew Hodgson’s valiantly outstretched foot. Harborough then had a customary nap and let a couple in to keep the game competitive.

Half time Haribo’s and a chat later, the 2s jogged out with the sugar-filled intent of tighter marking in the second half. This was executed amazingly well and proved highly effective in gaining control of the game – with the likes of Matti Hodgson embarrassing a number of their players before leaving them in his dirt in a manner only a debutante can. Ben Morgan Williams also played well, and had an outside shot as Player of the Match for his enthusiastic falls and general hard work.

The second half was won 1-0, with Noel providing the firepower once again. Player of the Match was a well deserved performance from Matti Hodgson who will certainly be featuring for the 2’s again in the near future.”


Our young U10s played well on Sunday in a local tournament, hosted by MHHC, against teams from Welford, Kettering and Long Buckby – well played all! A big thank you to everyone that helped out on Sunday.




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