Results – 17/18th November

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Our results from last weekend…



Men’s 1 won 10-1 away to Leicester Westleigh 2

Goals: Ryan Harrison (2), Tom Whitehouse (2), Jon Cooper (2), Nick Hall, Ali Williams, Jacob Paine & Rob Smith

Men’s 2 lost 0-XX at home to Nuneaton 1

“Men’s 2 played league leaders Nuneaton 1… Despite the final score, it was an encouraging performance with a number of debutants playing. Onwards and upwards!”

Men’s 3 won 4-0 at home to Northampton Saints 6

Goals: Harry Wilford (2), Wyn Sleeman & Joe Smart

“This Saturday Harborough played Northampton saints 6s, expectations were high as there had been a friendly between the two sides, in which Harborough came out on top.

Both teams started strong with attempts at goal either end, however it was Harborough that scored first. More dominant play followed as Harborough kept on putting on pressure and scored two goals, making it 3-0 at the half-time break.

Harborough knew saints would come back stronger, and they did! It was much more evenly balanced with meaningful attacks at either end but Harborough managed to increase their lead, Saints tried but couldn’t reply with a goal of their own. It finished 4-0 to Harborough.

A great performance by everyone and we’ll see if they can keep up the momentum.”

Mixed A lost 1-3 at home to Welford

Goal: Imogen March

Player of the Match was Imogen March

“This week the Mixed A faced a match they knew would be a tough game – we were up against top-of-the-league Welford and there was no rain (finally!). 

Let’s start with the first half of the game – we stuck to our 4-4-2 formation which paid off a lot in the entire game. Just like last week we made some great interceptions by reading them well and we made some excellent passes. As well as that for two weeks on the trot now we have broke out of the conceive-in-5-minutes habit and this time in the first half actually scoring a goal! Yes a goal! This amazing goal was scored then no one other than Imogen March who fought as hard as she could in the D, slipping the ball past the keeper. This meant that Harborough were winning the first half as the score was 1-0. Welford were not happy bunnies. Oops!

Team talk this week was more happiness and shock at how well we were doing against top-of-the-league. The second half well this was interesting… Welford came out guns blazing as they wanted to win this game, and so did we, so it was all to play for! Welford scored a goal about 10 minutes into the game making the score even. We spent most this half in their D and pressuring them to make silly passes so we could break. We had a lot of shots on goal, however they had a very good goalie (but not as good as ours, as once again Jake Wilson made some incredible saves).

The defence worked hard to make sure no more goals got in, but one slipped past us making the score 2-1 to Welford. Their third goal… well this one was towards the end of the game and it deflected off one of the Harborough defender’s stick and into the goal. The highlight of this half has to be Imogen March’s amazing interceptions against no other than MHHC’s Wyn Sleeman who hit the ball across the D. The final score was 3-1 to Welford.

The Mixed A team played amazing with great interceptions and passes, and the fact we never gave up! Player of the Match has to go to Imogen March for scoring a cracking goal! Thank you to all who came down and supported it was appreciated a lot.”

Women’s 1 lost 1-2 away to Kettering Ladies 2s

Goal: Laura Matthews (penalty flick)

Women’s 2 won 7-1 at home to Women’s 3 (league match)

Goals: Milly Docherty (2), Ella Partridge (2), Abbie Wilson (2) & Lucy James

Player of the Match was Imogen March

“The 2v3s league match can sometimes be an awkward affair, but not today – today, hockey was definitely the winner!

The players on both sides worked hard to create a fantastic game displaying the depth of talent we have in our club! Brilliant game-play, fabulous teamwork, and lots of chances created – from both teams – in friendly atmosphere.

Great game, well done everyone!”

Women’s 3 lost 1-7 at home to Women’s 2 (league match)

Goal: Charlotte Howe

Player of the Match was Ruby Howe

“So today the mighty 2s faced the mighty 3s…. The 3s – what a bunch of absolute legends to play with and alongside. We conceded. And the 2s had the upper hand. Abbie Wilson in particular made herself a menace to mark. She took a shove, a hit and a ball to the arm. She’s made of steel. 

But I’ll indulge more so on us 3s here – the fast paced attacks, the “stay calm and pass it to Mia” t-shirts are being made. Ruby Howe proving if anybody can play and run centre mid, she flippin can (last minute might I add). Evie Hunter was phenomenal with confidence and style. Little Ellie Southwell, never has someone worked so hard off the ball for the benefit of the rest of the team. I could go on and mention every player. I’m awfully proud (as is Captain Salad) of how we played today. 

Hats off to the 2s, well spirited, lovely bunch of girls. Great game, great fun and so proud of the new skills and work rate of this team.”

Badgers lost 0-3 at home to Welford

“Well, our first loss of the season. We played brilliant against Welford, but they brought out a strong team and gave us a hard game. We had a few chances in their D, but they soon managed to come back our end and put the pressure on.

Well done to our new players. We made Welford work hard all through the game, but this time they won. Well played everyone.”



Women’s O35s won 2-1 at home to City of Peterborough O35s in the first round of the EH Masters Championship

Goals: Liane Brookin (2)

Player of the Match was Ady Kendall


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