Results – 9/10th February

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Our results and reports from the weekend…


Men’s 1 won 8-0 at home to Berkswell & Balsall Common 2

Goals: Ben Sleeman (2), Nick Hall, Ali Williams, Tom Whitehouse, Ben Langdown, Ryan Harrison & Jon Cooper

Player of the Match was Tom Williams

Men’s 2 lost 1-15 at home to Atherstone Adders 2

Goal: David Littlewood

Player of the Match was GK Matt Cook

“It was a cold blustery day with Harborough pushing Atherstone close. Some great play from the youngsters, including debutants Thomas Parry and Matti Hodgson, resulted in a Dave Littlewood goal. Alas, it wasn’t quite enough to secure victory as a combination of errors allowed Atherstone to score in quick succession.

Player of the Match had to go to our new goalkeeper, Matt Cook, for stepping into the GK pads for the first time at the last minute, and keeping the match close through some cat-like reflexes and stupendous saves.”

Mixed A lost 0-6 at home to Rutland Horseshoes

Women’s 1 lost 0-13 away to Repton Ladies 1

Women’s 2 lost 0-3 at home to Loughborough Town Women’s 3rd

Player of the Match was Niamh Arthur

“With a number of regular players unavailable the 2s had some welcome help from the 3s this week, but the team had to face a tough match against a strong Loughborough Town team. With a new formation to play, Harborough took a little while to get used to new positions, but got the hang of it pretty quickly as Town began their conquest.

Harborough’s teamwork was evident as they created plenty of breaks, but unfortunately none of them were converted, and despite working hard to defend, some of Town’s opportunities got though. The team didn’t give up, they kept fighting to the end, but the match ended 0-3 to Loughborough.

A good learning experience for the 2s, and lots of fun to play against a friendly opponant. A big thank you to the 3s that stepped in to help today, you’re all stars! Onwards and upwards!”

Badgers won 7-1 away to Saints 2

Goals: May Townsley (4), Owen Arthur (2) & Thomas Ainsworth

“Another great game for us this week, so good that the team did not need the adult’s! With Saints running a young squad with two adults, we decided to stand back and watch. The Badgers played great hockey – Thomas Ainsworth, Oliver Laskey and Rory Rory McGillivary covered the adults position at the back, with eveyone else in front.

So let’s start with May Townsley scoring 4 goals! One of her goals was scored by her running over half the pitch with the ball, to beat their adult who was racing against her, then score. Owen Arthur scored 2 and Thomas Ainsworth scored 1. It was really good just to watch the team run itself, they kept their shape and passed well again. Well played all.”



Women’s 2 won 4-1 away to Ashby Ladies 3

Goals: Ellie Southwell (3) & Mia Wheeler

Player of the Match was Ellie Southwell

“What a difference a day makes! After the steep learning curve of yesterday’s match the 2s, helped by a few of the 3s, were determined for a result. 

Ashby were first to score as Harborough settled into the game. Then the team started to create their magic, making space on the pitch and passing well, to open up many chances to score. The first break started from the back, was passed through the centre, out wide, then to the top of the D for Mia Wheeler to hit it straight past the keeper.

Harborough took contol of the match after the half-time break. Their movement created space across the pitch and the forwards went on the attack. From a midfield pass picked up by Mia, who passed it across to Ellie Southwell runnning in towards the post, and into the net. Another goal soon followed as Grace Clarke sent the ball to Ellie to hit it swiftly past the keeper. Finally, from a free hit played into the D in the last minutes of the match, Mia again picks up the ball, sending it to Ellie to score her hattrick. 

A great performance from the whole team – the hard work of the defenders, midfield and the forwards created a truely exciting match. Well played all!”


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