Results – 16/17th February

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Here are our results from a busy weekend…


Men’s 1 won 8-2 away to Coventry City University 1

Goals: Ben Sleeman (5), Jon Cooper, Ali Williams & Ryan Harrison

Men’s 2 lost 3-5 away to Nuneaton 2

Goals: Liam McLean, Noel Burton & Ben Morgan Williams

“Well in a scenario reminiscent of The Night of the Long Knives, (not every day a match report references 1930’s political history) the old guard were eased out and the youth given their heads. The match in question was the Men’s 2s vs Nuneaton 2s – two teams so far adrift at the bottom of the league it made Captain Bligh’s journey look like a trip to the local corner shop (feel free to google any of this). So, we were playing for more than the wooden spoon, we were playing for the entire mdf 26-piece tea set.

The game itself was played on the sandiest pitch in the world and once the camels had been moved on we were underway. Five minutes later Matt promptly turned up at the far post to put us went 1-0 up. Something similar happened in the second half when Matt was involved in a sweeping passing move that resulted in Liam Maclean scoring.

But Harborough didn’t have it all their own way as the opposition scored five. It only remains to be said that Noel Burton was rewarded for his patience with our third goal. So, a 5-3 defeat and we all walked off the pitch looking forward to playing each other next season.”

Men’s 3 won 3-1 at home to Leicester 4

Goals: Jack March, Stephen Parr & Thomas Parry

“It was an important game this week, Harborough played Leicester who were one place above them in the league, a win would make things more interesting. 

Harborough started strongly and were putting a lot of pressure towards the Leicester end. Eventually, a break through came as Harborough scored through Jack March. Attacks came from both ends, none of which ended in a goal, 1-0 at half time. 

The second half started the way the first had finished, with both teams coming close to scoring, but it was Harborough who managed to get the next goal, and the next. Well executed counter attacks led to the two great goals for the 2s. Leicester were desperate to finish the game with a goal, they did in the end, as a short corner somehow ended up in the goal. Despite pressure at both ends the game finished 3-1 to Harborough.”

Women’s 1 lost 0-4 away to Derby Ladies’ 1s

Player of the Match was GK Beth Pedler

Women’s 2 won 4-0 away to Leicester University Women’s 2

Goals: Evie Hunter (2), Ruby Howe & Mia Wheeler

Player of the Match was Grace Howe

“It usually takes a while to get used to playing on the sandy carpet at Manor Road, but Evie Hunter had no trouble as she slipped in an early goal within three minutes of the starting whistle. Throughout the match Harborough had the majority of the possession creating many chances to score, with Ruby Howe and Mia Wheeler adding two more goals from open play in the first half. 

The Uni team tried to fight back after the break but rarely made it across the half way line. Again, Harborough’s young forwards created many chances but couldn’t quite get around the nimble GK, until Evie Hunter caught her off-guard with a swift strike on target to make the final score 4-0 to Harborough.

Grace Howe was Player of the Match for her tenacious play. Well played all!”

Women’s 3 lost 1-10 at home to Lutterworth Ladies 1

Goal: Evie Hunter

“After ice and low numbers had scuppered our last two chances to play as a team, W3 finally took to the pitch yesterday to play Lutterworth, a team who beat us 9-1 at our last meeting. Owing to a last minute withdrawal, we had only 1 sub – so, adding ‘tiring’ to the other reasons the game would be tricky (they’re well-organised, young, skilful, strong and 3rd in the league) we felt nervous, especially as it was the first practise for the 3s of the new ‘framework of play’ being introduced across the womens’ squad. Essentially, it worked beautifully when attacking, creating space which enabled our very young but incredibly skilful and tenacious mids and forwards to demonstrate their ability and intelligent passing and play. However, there is clearly an ‘art’ to zonal marking in the defensive 23, one we’ve yet to master. Without sideline instruction on this we struggled, losing the first half 8-0. 

Something had to change. With the decision made at half-time for the defensive players to return to a system they felt they knew better how to action – marking the opposition – we saw a tremendous improvement, with only one goal between the teams in the second half (a beautiful move from CH Emily Williams to left inner Grace Howe to RW Evie Hunter on the post, demonstrating the potential of the structure for a successful attack and leading to our consolation goal). 

Thank you to the whole team for the hard work in challenging circumstances; an impressive display of tenacity and resolve. A huge thank you, also, to our guesting players and, as always, for the support (and wise words) from the sideline.”

Mixed A lost 0-10 away to Bedouins



Women’s 1 lost 0-4 at home to Loughborough Students Ladies 3s

Player of the Match was Lauren Hand

Men’s 1 Lost 0-1 away to Ramgarhia [Derby]

Player of the Match was Ben Langdown


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