Results – 9/10th March

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Our results from the weekend…


Men’s 1 won 12-0 at home to Leicester Westleigh 2

Goals: Thomas Parry (4), Jon Cooper (4), Ben Sleeman (3) & Tom Williams

Player of the Match was Thomas Parry

Men’s 3 won 2-0 away to Northampton Saints 6

Goals: Owen Arthur & Wyn Sleeman

Player of the Match was Raoul Mercer

“Coming into this game Men’s 3s had a chance to challenge for 4th place, with four games left in the season; after their game today this is a very achievable target for the team.

With several new faces, Harborough settled well and started strongly, with constant pressure on the Northampton goal. With the majority of possession and territory, the breakthrough came from Wyn Sleeman with a strong shot from a short corner. Harborough continued to dominate for the rest of the half, with GK Mike Haynes-Coote only having to make one save after a counter-attack from Northampton. However, despite numerous chances, the score-line remained at 1-0 to Harborough at half time.

In the second half Harborough carried on where they left off, and after many attempts on goal their second was scored by Owen Arthur from a well-worked passage of play. Harborough came under some pressure late on in the game, but the defence held firm—epitomised by the efforts of Raoul Mercer—and Harborough thwarted any scoring attempts from Northampton.

Overall a great performance from Harborough with special thanks going to Owen Arthur and Cian Kirke for stepping up from the Badgers to help out, and Ryan Dreyer for making a welcome return from recent injury. Player of the Match was Raoul Mercer.”

Mixed A lost 0-9 away to Welford

Women’s 1 drew 2-2 at home to Ashbourne Ladies 1s

Goals: Charis Simpkin & Ellie Hand

Women’s 2 won 5-2 away to Leicester Ladies 5s

Goals: Lucy James (3), Olivia Edwins & Ruby Howe

Player of the Match was Lucy James

“Working together as a team, Harborough kept possession and swiftly passed around the opposition to take control of the game. The first goal came from Olivia Edwins who skilfully took her chance to slip one past the keeper. The 2s had a number of chances that narrowly missed the target, with one fine strike from Milly Docherty hitting both goal posts! After a number of rebounds in the D, Lucy James was perfectly placed to slot the ball home.

Leicester began to gain some ground and scored their first after the break. Harborough were quick to react with a third when Ruby Howe was on hand to dink the ball over the line as it slipped out from behind the keeper’s heels. Leicester fought back, creating chances from short corners, where they eventually managed to get one through the tough Harborough defence; but again the 2s were swift to retaliate. Sending the ball rapidly up the pitch to Lucy, who calmly held the ball in the D as she waited for the defenders to move out of her way, and smoothly pushed the ball around the keeper. Harborough secured their victory when Lucy completed her hat-trick, and Leicester ran out of time to reduce the margin.

Well played all. A fine display of teamwork, great hockey and sportsmanship, played in a positive atmosphere. Lucy James was duly voted Player of the match by both teams.”

Women’s 3 lost 0-3 at home to Loughborough Town Women’s 3rd

Badgers won 1-0 at home to Northampton Saints Badgers 1

Goal: May Townsley

“This was probably our hardest game against Saints this week, with Saints playing with two adults and Harborough playing with one. We knew they would be pushing the ball hard up to our end, but we kept our shape as a team, and had a great game with us getting the win 1-0. Our passing was brilliant today, so we were always making Saints work hard to get the ball back, our 1 goal was scored by May Townsley.

Thomas Ainsworth stepped back to assist me in defence, which he did with ease, often stopping the ball and returning it to our midfield. Also a big thank you to James Parry who made his second outing for the Badgers, but this time in goal—and what a good job he did, without James the score would have been different. Also I must mention how well Luke Reeves played today, he won the ball from their main adult with many tackles and won possession. Well played all.”



Women’s 3 won 1-0 at home to Roundhill Women’s 1

Goal: Helen Fletcher


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