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Our results from Saturday’s matches, for many teams it was their last league match of the season…

Men’s 1 won 9-0 away to Coalville 3

Goals: Tom Williams (4), Jon Cooper (2), Nick Hall (2) & Ali Williams

Player of the Match was Tom Williams

“The 2003 Invasion of Iraq was notable for the use of embedded journalists where news reporters were attached to military units to report on events from the front line. A similar approach I felt was adopted by the Men’s 1s on Saturday in the selection of yours truly in goal in final league fixture of the season away against Coalville 3s.

So what did I see? Well in truth not that much because part of the joys of being over 50 is that my eyes are shot and I struggle to see the ball in the opposition D—there are some that would reckon that I struggle to see the ball in our D, but that’s another story. Therefore in the light of my visual impairment I have adopted a coping strategy to follow the game and the simplest is to identify one team mate (normally a midfield player) and watch his body language. The player chosen on Saturday was Seb Jones and how he reacted at the breakdown in play. If he ran back complaining and stopped inside their half then it was a 16-yard hit, and if he ran back complaining and stopped in our half then we’d scored. Seb ran back into our half 9 times!

Other than that it was a rather quiet afternoon in the sun and I (very begrudgingly) touched the ball once. Coalville did press late on, but in truth I struggle to recall a side with less hap when they got inside our D. 

So another season draws to a close and the club bade farewell to Ben Sleeman as he heads of to University. But this creates an opportunity for Jon Cooper to do his Jedi mind trick thing again and usher the next right winger through.

The team have ended the season in a respectable 4th place in their division.”

Men’s 2 lost 3-6 at home to Northampton Saints 3

Goals: Richard Goswell (3) & James Cowling

Men’s 3 won 1-0 at home to Leamington 3

Goal: Thomas Parry

Player of the Match was Thomas Parry

“The 3s played their final game today against Leamington, and in the baking heat of the afternoon, both teams were in for real test of stamina! Missing Wyn Sleeman, one of their most influential players, it was a real test for Harborough as it was all down to the youngsters.

During the beginning of the game there was no clear, dominant side as shots attacked both ends. Going into half time, the story was more of the same, Harborough weren’t playing as well as they should and Leamington were containing the half-hearted attacks, there were, however, encouraging sights at goal.

Going into the second half, both teams upped their game. Harborough had their chances, Leamington maybe a few more chances. Harborough switched-on and won a string of short corners—their new routine was being put the test. Harborough did get a goal from a series of dominant possessions, but unfortunately not from a short corner. The team managed to see out the game, controlling the play and holding onto the ball, to keep the final score at 1-0.

What an unbelievable season, an enormous improvement from last year. Thank you to all the supporters and parents who came to support the team throughout the season, and thanks to everyone who played, everyone has had a great work rate. Thanks to all the umpires who helped to control the game and making the right decisions. It’s been a great season, and finally, well done to Jason Perry for captaining the Men’s 3s this season.

The team have ended the season in a respectable 5th place in their division.”

Women’s 1 lost 1-2 away to Loughborough Town Women’s 1st

Goal: own goal by LT

Women’s 2 were awarded a walkover as Roundhill conceded the match.

“The 2s have ended the season in 3rd position in the league, having the same points as Loughborough Town 3s in 2nd place, but placed 3rd on goal difference. The team is still in the Leicestershire League Women’s Plate, the next fixture is a semi-final match next week against Leicester Ladies 5s. The girls have had a great season; well done to everyone that has played for the team.”

Badgers lost 0-6 away to Long Buckby

“With the odds against us this week, it was going to happen sooner or later: we had a loss. A big thank you to all that helped out and ran their socks off, but with a short team this week and 1 adult we knew it would be a hard game. We made them work for every goal they scored, but they just overran us.

Well done to the new Badgers this week, Noah Styles and Ben Matthews who did brilliantly for their first game. Megan Astbury saved some great shots again, and a big thanks to Ruby and Grace Howe for stepping in at the last minute to help out. Also thanks to our supporters who kept us going in a hard game (it was too hot for hockey this week!).”





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