Results – 8th February

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Our results from Saturday…

Women’s 1 won 2-1 at home to Charnwood Sileby 1

Goals: Emily Doe & Charlotte Butler

Women’s 2 drew 1-1 at home to Leicester City L4s

Goal: Ruby Howe

Player of the Match: Ruby Howe

“What the 2s had thought was going to be a tough game turned out to be an even, good natured, competitive and enjoyable match.

Harborough worked hard throughout the game to keep possession of the ball, and won the first half with a sweet tap-in across the goal from Ruby Howe that had been worked up the pitch via a some lovely passing play. Leicester managed to even the score in the second half, as both teams created many chances to take a lead but neither were able to hit the target.

The match ended with a 1-1 draw; a fair outcome of the game and a pleasing improvement for Harborough who lost 1-6 at the previous meeting of the two teams. A great team performance, well played all!”

Women’s 3 drew 0-0 away to Leicester City L5s

Men’s 1 won 9-0 at home to Leicester Men’s 2

Goals: Johnny Ashwin (3), Nick Hall (2), Ben Langdown, Ryan Harrison, Jon Cooper & Johnny Cordingley

Player of the Match: Ben Langdown

“Aiming to keep their winning streak alive, Harborough Men’s 1s played Leicester 2s this week—a game with a reverse fixture that saw a tight scoreline, and terrible conditions, so it was going to be a test.

Leicester started with a clear tactic; they packed the defence and were absorbing Harborough’s constant pressure. After a few too many chances Harborough got the first goal, and the second, and then the third. This continued for the rest of the game as Harborough were clearly playing the better hockey which was shown by the scoreline, finishing 9-0. Although Harborough could’ve (and maybe should’ve) had a few more goals, it was still a very strong performance from the team nonetheless, who are looking to keep the momentum towards next week; a slightly harder test against Oundle.”

Men’s 2 lost 2-4 away to Atherstone Adders 3

Goals: Matt Cook & Harry Wilford

Players of the Match: Josh Osborne & Jack March

“Men’s 2 lost a tight game 4-2 to Atherstone. After going 2-0 up following stunning goals from Matt Cook and Harry Wilford, the team had a nap in the 2nd half leaking some rapid fire goals. Onwards and upwards next week! Player(s) of the match went to the man best known as Josh & Jack.”

Men’s 3 lost 1-4 at home to Khalsa Leamington 6

Goal: Sam Haynes-Coote

“The game finished 4-1 to Khalsa Leamington, however, Harborough were extremely unlucky not to have come away with a point.

Harborough started off well but conceded a very unfortunate goal, for the next period of the game the 3s applied the pressure and were unfortunate not to score. The team kept battling and even though Harborough had a lot of the ball they conceded three more times. In the later stages of the match Sam Haynes-Coote scored a superb hit from a short corner. Overall the team could have done better, however there were many positives to take away from the game.”

Badgers lost 3-4 at home to Long Buckby

Goals: Noah Styles (2) & Maisie Howe

Player of the Match: Noah Styles

“The sun was setting and the sandy pitch was getting cold and windy, but this did not slow down the mighty Market Harborough Badgers against Long Buckby.

The Badgers first goal was a lovely flowing move, beginning with a save at the back from Niamh Burton who played it up the pitch. Player-of-the-Match Noah Styles skilled past the opposition’s midfield, and before you could say mighty Market Harborough Badgers, the ball was in the back of the net and the team were on a roll. Not for long though, as Long Buckby scored a short corner and an open play goal. Maisie Howe, relentlessly winning the ball and tackling their players with a passion unseen before, scored herself a well-deserved goal. If this game were a panna-match, she’s our winner!

Second half started well, with the Badgers retaining possession, James Parry and Lily Burdon particularly making good options for themselves. Finally, after many attempts into the D, we knocked the keeper to his feet. The ball rolled across the goal to Noah. Time seemed to slow down. Noah moves his feet in preparation for the tap in. Time went even slower. After what felt like an eternity, Noah tapped the ball into the centre of the goal. Unfortunately, Long Buckby’s tricky winger created two goals, making it 3-4. This was a shame, as GK Drew Wallis’ communication was superb, as he owned his D, and as Alex Osborne’s defensive play made him seem a veteran with years of experience – not his second ever game!

Badger fact: American badgers often hunt cooperatively. It seems our Badgers have been watching Sir David Attenborough, as this is how they hunted for a goal. Storm Ciara had nothing on our front four – Luca Khurmi-Tod, Ben Matthews, Noah and Hanna Maslyk – with shot after shot into the net, but sadly nothing came of it, and the game ended a 4-3 loss

Shout out to Rafal Hodgson (our Dachshund hunting down the opposition’s Badgers) for the ‘defensive stuff’, directing from the back and covering the gaps the tired “adults” couldn’t quite cover. Another shout out to the manager Finn Ingram-Hawkes, for running the subs and manning the whiteboard. And finally to our volunteer umpires Cian Kirke and Zoe Marlow for stepping up.

We are incredibly proud of our sett of Badgers, their play today represents the progress made since the 9-2 loss last time (that we don’t talk about).”

Badgers in the dark




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