Results – 7/8th March

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Our results from the weekend, and the Men’s 1s secured their promotion with three games still to play…



Men’s 1 won 4-1 at home to Leicester Westleigh 1

Goals: Adam Smith (2), Nick Hall & Jon Cooper

Player of the Match: Adam Smith


Photo by Graham Heywood

Men’s 2 won 2-0 away to Berkswell & Balsall Common 3

Goals: Sam Haynes-Coote & Noel Burton

Player of the Match: David Blake

Men’s 3 lost 0-18 at home to Leicester City 1

Women’s 2 won 10-0 at home to Leicester City 5s

Goals: Charlotte Butler (5), Jennifer Pollock (2), Evie Hunter (2) & Sue Henderson

Player of the Match: Grace Howe

“An enjoyable match which was dominated by Harborough from the starting whistle. With slick passing skills the team created many chances, scoring 5 goals in each half. A number of goals started from the back in open play, passed through to the front, with forwards Charlotte Butler and Evie Hunter perfectly placed to tap the ball home. A couple were scored during short corners, where Jennifer Pollock was on hand to fire accurate, fast shots direct at goal, and Sue Henderson scored a cheeky little number as she zoomed into the D and fired at the goal. Well played all!”



Our U16 teams were playing away in England Hockey Championship matches.

U16 Boys lost 1-8 away to Hampton-in-Arden

Goal: Finn Ingram-Hawkes

U16 Girls won 6-1 away to Bourne Deeping

Goals: Emma Sleeman (2), Olivia Edwins, Ruby Howe, Evie Hunter & Takara Walker

“The first few minutes of the game saw the Harborough girls apply immediate pressure and the Harborough goalkeeper demonstrated her resilience as Bourne Deeping mounted some well co-ordinated attacks to score within the opening minutes. An early blow for the visiting Harborough girls, but the response was immediate; with three hard attacks from Harborough—all were frustrated by some excellent saves from the Deeping keeper.

Persistence by Harborough finally paid off after 21 minutes of play, with Evie Hunter evening up the score-line. Five minutes later, in a stoke of defiance, Liv Edwins slammed home Harborough’s second goal. Deeping responded with more attacks but Harborough, working as a team, defended and managed to resist three short corner attempts.

Bourne Deeping had clearly revised their game-plan for the second half, opening with more passing than was evident in the first half and noticeably taking hits quicker. However, Harborough responded with a tighter, more focussed game which led to further success from a magnificent run and goal by Emma Sleeman.

Bourne Deeping piled on the pressure, with new found zeal and confidence they pounded attacks on Harborough, but all were rebuked and proved fruitless. Then, 10 minutes into this second half, Ruby Howe bagged another goal taking the score line to 4-1. The Harborough girls were on a roll… Takara Walker, in the 18th minute, knocked another in the Deeping net to take the score-sheet to 5-1.

With the bit firmly between their teeth, Harborough mounted another blistering attack on Deeping, following a ‘down the outside field’ line and, 21 minutes into the half, once again, Emma Sleeman potted a goal; 6-1 to MHHC. Emma was not content with her two goal successes, with a brilliant attempt at a third, 29 minutes into the half, but this time Deeping’s Goalie was waiting.

In the final stages of the match Bourne Deeping’s frustration began to show with several hard and excellent co-ordinated attacks on the Harborough goal—all were repelled by the Harborough goalie and supporting defence wall. Each time Deeping mounted an attack, Harborough replied, niggling their defence and seeking that next goal.

Toward the conclusion of the game, 34 minutes into the second half, Deeping were subjected to a blistering final attack by Harborough, but it was thwarted by some absolutely amazing goal keeping by the Bourne Deeping goalie.

The game concluded with a 6-1 victory to the visiting MHHC U16 Girls Squad.”



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