Final league placings

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The leagues have now all officially closed for the 2019/20 Season, and the final standings of our teams are as follows:


Men’s section

The Men’s league has been finalised using a percentage points basis.

Calculated on total points won (3 for a win, 1 for a draw), minus any points deducted for disciplinary offences, then divided by the total number of points available from the games played, multiplied by 100 to give the percentage. Should teams have the same percentage points goal difference will then be used. Final promotion and relegation issues have yet to be finalised by the league, and will be posted in due course.

The Men’s 1st team have had a great season, winning every league match and therefore ending the season with 100% at the top of the table. Well done, we are very proud!


  • Men’s 1100%, 1st (SE Prem)
  • t

  • Men’s 2 – 56.66%, 4th (SE Div2)
  • t

  • Men’s 3 – 20%, 11th (SE Div3)

M1 Final Table

M1 NFU Mutual


Women’s section

The Women’s league has been finalised as it stood when play was stopped; there were a few matches still to be played and results have not been updated with extra points or percentages.

The Women’s 1st team were due to play in the Leicestershire Plate final, there is no decision yet on whether this will be rescheduled.


  • Women’s 1 – 31pts, 4th (Prem)
  • t

  • Women’s 2 – 20pts, 5th (Div1)
  • t

  • Women’s 3 – 10pts, 6th (Div1)

W1 Mar 2020


Mixed section

The Mixed league is yet to have final standings confirmed, but the Mixed team was in 6th place when play was stopped. The team have had a fantastic season, a big thank you to all the guests that have played for, and supported, the Mixed section this season.

The Mixed team were due to play in the Junior Plate final, there is no decision yet if this will be rescheduled. 


Junior section

The Badgers team still had a number of matches to be played, but the league has been closed. The youngsters in the new team have been playing extremely well, with huge improvements from all players throughout the season.

The U16 Boys and U16 Girls teams have both had successful seasons, and the Girls team were due to play in the Area Finals before play was stopped. The U16s matches have been very exciting and have been a great opportunity for our youngsters to play more hockey and improve their skills.

A well done must also go to our U12 and U14 juniors playing in Sunday matches and tournaments.

U16 GirlsU16 Boys


Well done to all the players in every team, each contributing to the eight teams representing MHHC and playing regular Saturday hockey.

Thank you to everyone—players, captains, coaches, supporters, parents—you have all played a part to help make the season a great success and we’re very grateful for your continued commitment and support throughout the season.




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