Results – 5/6 February

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Not a bad set of results today…🏑💪🏑

WIN – Men’s 1 won 5-1 at home to Panthers (Leicester) 1
Goals, Sam Bryant (2), Jordan Allen, Robert Read & Harry Wilford

WIN – Men’s 2 won 5-2 away to Long Buckby 1
Goals: Ben Sleeman (2), Charlie Evans, Nick Hall & Ryan Harrison

WIN – Men’s 3 won 6-1 away to Atherstone Adders 4
Goals: Richard Goswell (2), Alex Osborne (2), Owen Arthur & Cameron Smith
Player of the Match: James Parry

Well, after a two week break the 3rds returned to league hockey with a well deserved win.

The back five worked very well moving the ball wide for Rafal Hodgson and James Parry to use the space to launch the ball forward. We had lots of pressure but could not find the net until Owen Arthur managed to slot the ball away from a short corner after 20 minutes. Confidence then grew with Richard Goswell and Alex Osborne scoring 2 more in the first half to make it a well deserved 3 goal lead.

The second half started better with Finn Ingram-Hawkes, Raoul Mercer and Cian Kirke combining well to keep driving the team forward. Alex Osborne and Richard Goswell got on the score sheet again to make it 5 up. Even Dave Littlewood got involved in the opposition D by scoring a goal but only after the whistle had gone!

Simon Ingram-Hawkes was having a nice rest in the net and admiring the passing in front of him when Atherstone managed a break that actually got into the D and manage to slot the ball past him. Cameron Smith upfront was working well in the opposition D but late on was flattened by the keeper – luckily he survived and a few minutes later decided to give the keeper a bit more space when he took it round him to score the 6th goal.

A great team performance and lots of compliments from the opposition which is always nice. A close call for man of the match but James Parry was the well deserved winner in the end.

WIN – Men’s 4 won 6-2 at home to Northampton Saints 6
Goals: Martyn Wilkinson (3), Noel Burton, Rob Davies & Anthony Raisbury
Player of the Match: Ben Matthews

Women’s 1 lost 2-3 at home to Northampton Saints 2
Goals: Hattie Hammond & Ella Partridge

WIN – Women’s 2 won 2-0 away to Towcester 4
Goals: Rosie Smith & Emily Williams

WIN – Badgers won 4-2 at home to Northampton Saints 2
Goals: Kayleigh Creighton (2), Louis Dickinson & George Smith


A great team performance from the Men’s 1s today, in an end-to-end game against Leicester…

Men’s 1 lost 3-5 away to Leicester 1
Goals: Jordan Allen (2) & Alex Hammant


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