Results – 26 March

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Results from Saturday, with the last matches of the season for some, and promotion for three of our men’s teams

Men’s 1 won 6-2 away to Khalsa Leamington 3
Goals: Robert Read (2), Charlie Evans, Cian Kirke, Ben Langdown & Thomas Parry

Men’s 2 didn’t get to play today, after the opposition conceded the match, but are riding high in the table and have secured promotion for next season! 💪🏑

Also securing promotion for next season…
Men’s 3 (pictured) won 7-2 at home to Coventry & North Warwickshire 3
Goals: Callum Akanno-Ruff (2), Owen Arthur (2), Noel Burton (2) & David Littlewood 💪🏑

The 3s continued their winning ways with a fine 7-2 victory against Coventry & North Warwickshire 3.

Very early on it looked like Noel Burton had tripped but he was actually stretching for a through ball from Raoul Mercer to deflect it in (not sure who was more surprised their keeper or our team).

Our strong defence with David Wilford, Ant Raisbury and Finn Ingram-Hawkes meant the opposition had few chances and Simon Ingram-Hawkes was not called on much. Rafal Hodgson and Steven Pateman were soon driving forward to help set-up the goals. Ben Matthews and Alex Osborne had some good chances but some good goalkeeping denied them both getting on the score sheet and by half time we had a healthy 4-0 lead.

We let Coventry come back with two short corner goals, but we were never in trouble, scoring three more in the 2nd half. The goals were shared around, with Callum Akanno-Ruff, Owen Arthur and Noel Burton all getting 2 each and David Littlewood scoring 1.

We now sit top of the table and just need one more win next week to finish top.

Men’s 4 also didn’t get to play today, after the opposition conceded the match, but are another one of our teams to have sucessfully secured promotion for next season! 💪🏑

Women’s 1 lost 1-3 at home to Coventry & North Warwickshire 1
Goal: Bronwyn Wood


MHHC Men’s 3rd team
Back: David Wilford, David Littlewood, Steven Pateman, Simon Ingram-Hawkes, Roaul Mercer (Captain), Noel Burton, Anthony Raisbury
Front: Alex Osborne, Ben Matthews, Finn Ingram-Hawkes, Owen Arthur, Callum Akanno-Ruff, Rafal Hodgson
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