Club Membership

MHHC Club Membership 2021/22

There are two main types of Club membership at MHHC: Full membership and Casual membership.

Full membership includes eight months of winter training and reduced match fees, with the membership fee split into instalments spread across six months. Casual membership is flexible, with pay-as-you-go training charged per session. If you train and play regularly, a Full membership will be more cost effective for you offering substantial savings over a Casual membership.

The costs, benefits and eligibility for each membership are listed below. The 2021/22 membership fees apply from 30 August 2021.

training fee
(per session)
training fee
(per session)
Match fee
Full Concession£18£0£6£6
Full Junior£18£0£6£3
Casual Concession£0£8£8£9
Casual Junior£0£8£8£6

Full Membership

Club membership with winter training included

Full member

  • Aged 18+
  • £25 per month, for 6 months (£150 per season)
  • £8 Summer training fee (per session)
  • £9 match fee

Full Concession member

  • Under 18-years-old, full time student, unemployed or retired
  • £18 per month, for 6 months (£108 per season)
  • £6 Summer training fee (per session)
  • £6 match fee

Full Junior member

  • Under 13-years-old
  • £18 per month, for 6 months (£108 per season)
  • £6 Summer training fee (per session)
  • £3 match fee

Full membership includes:

  • 8 months of training (Sept–Easter)
  • Membership fee split over 6 monthly instalments
  • Reduced match fees
  • Reduced Summer training fees
  • Family discounts available for all Full members
  • Full Club voting rights for those aged 18+, or parent/carer of those under 18-years-old
  • Home match shirt for new members (aged 13+), MHHC hoodie for new Junior members.

Casual Membership

Part-time, flexible, pay-as-you-go Club membership

Casual member

  • Aged 18+
  • £10 training fee (per session)
  • £12 match fee

Casual Concession member

  • Under 18-years-old, full time student, unemployed or retired
  • £8 training fee (per session)
  • £9 match fee

Casual Junior member

  • Under 13-years-old
  • £8 training fee (per session)
  • £6 match fee

Casual membership includes:

  • No annual/monthly membership fee
  • Pay-as-you-go training
  • Higher rate of match fee
  • No Club voting rights.

  • Full membership payments will be charged in monthly instalments over 6 months.
  • Members are billed on the 15th of every month via the website. Fees can be paid by Direct Debit via the website.
  • All members must have paid the appropriate membership fee by 31 October for the current season.
  • Club membership for 2021/22 will run from 30 August 2021 to 28 August 2022.
  • The training fees listed above apply to Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Club training sessions from 30 August through to Easter. Other sessions including, but not limited to, Preseason, Summer, Indoors, Hockey Heroes and MHHC Hockey School will be charged additionally.
  • Casual members are entitled to unlimited games and unlimited pay-as-you-go training sessions per season. If a Casual member subsequently becomes a Full member the membership fees will be adjusted.
  • Family discounts apply to Full members only. The third family member is free, further family members pay half each.