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Coronavirus update: Technical Training

We are hope to restart MH Tecnical Training during the 2021/22 season.

More details will follow.


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Specialist Technical Training

with Market Harborough Hockey Club

For children aged 11–18 (school years 7–13)

Fridays at 18:30–20:30

Next course dates coming soon… watch this space!

On the all-weather pitch at Welland Park Academy, Market Harborough


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Led by Market Harborough’s Head Coach, David Richardson, our specialist technical training programme offers the right practice and technical coaching for aspiring young players who wish to improve their hockey skills and reach the highest level of their ability.

The MHTT programme is based on the coaching of world renowned FIH Master Coach, David Vinson, who coached many International teams, including Great Britain and England, as well as numerous Olympic Gold Medalists on an individual basis.

Through the phased technical training programme, the unique MHTT coaching structure will ensure all students master every aspect of skill and the game.

Learn, develop and improve your technical hockey skills with MHTT and see the difference in your performance.


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£10 per session

There is no charge for the first session, to allow students to decide if they wish to continue. Payment is per term.

Discounts are available for multiple family members (please ask for details).

Limited number of places available.

Click here to book a place on the MHTT programme



MHTT Training

MHTT Market Harborough Technical Training

Coaching Method



MHTT is a programme of phased technical training that takes a student from absolute beginner to having been trained in all aspects of skill, in order to ultimately play hockey with great ability and confidence.

Every skill has been analysed in great depth so that it is taught with detailed technical input to ensure a player has the correct skills for every aspect of the game. Students will learn and develop their technical skills, and will be astounded at their new found ability.

Our approach is to concentrate purely on the technical skills. In each session students can expect to be taught one new skill, and develop that skill along with revision and further practice of any technical skills learnt previously.



The MHTT programme is based on the principals, innovations and teachings of Hockey Master FIH Coach, David Vinson. It was during his second tenure as England Head Coach, when investigating the root causes of limitations on players’ playing ability, that he redefined how hockey, and sports in general, should be introduced to children. Having identified the earliest times of a child taking up the game as fundamental in influencing their perceived ‘talent’, he set to designing and perfecting a ground-breaking philosophy and syllabus aimed at giving all players and teams the opportunity to become world-class.

In conjunction with fellow Coach, David Richardson, he established the first Hockey School, providing the setting for young players to learn the game in this new way. David Richardson—as a former fast-jet RAF Pilot—had spent a decade as a Flying Instructor, project leading the introduction and development of several Flying Training Programmes.

The combination of the very detailed technical knowledge of David Vinson and a phased progressive programme of courses (along the lines of a RAF Training system) to develop a hockey player, all the way from beginner to team player, became the basis and structure of the Hockey School.

Led by Market Harborough’s Head Coach, David Richardson, our MHTT sessions offer a unique coaching structure, through a phased technical training programme that ensures all students master every aspect of skill and the game.



In sport, for some reason, there is a completely different attitude and approach in the way we set about teaching children. Most often the thrust is to have the children playing matches as soon as possible; yet do we not realise or appreciate that a match is the ultimate test of the entire players skill.

Sport like any academic subject must be learnt. In mathematics we know and accept that a child has to learn the numbers; learn to add and then subtract; first learn to multiply before they learn to divide. In English a child must first learn to recognise the letters; learn simple words before learning to read a book. So why do we often think it is appropriate to have children playing sport before they have fully learnt to run; jump or catch; or, in the case of hockey, before they have learnt to fully control the ball with the stick?

If one appreciates that a match is the final test of a child’s skill, then just think, do we ask a child to play Beethoven before they can play the piano? Do we ask children to sit their GCSE in Maths or English at Primary School? When a child asks to play water-polo, do we just throw them in the deep end to play before they can swim? No, they would drown. 

In the same way children effectively drown when playing team sports before they have learnt the actual skills to be able to play. If we begin to treat sport in the same way that we treat academic subjects we will see a remarkable improvement in ability; skills actually developing at a much faster pace.

We often hear people talk about making sport fun. Yet is it fun for a child to be asked to take a test in multiplication when they have not learnt their numbers? Is it fun for a child to be asked to read a book before they can recognise the letters or words? So is it really fun for a child to be asked to play a game before they can control the ball?

Children who enjoy their academics are those that can do them; for them it is fun. Children who can play an instrument enjoy playing a piece of music or playing with an Orchestra; would the Orchestra enjoy having a trumpet player that can hardly play a note? No, it would stop the enjoyment (fun) of the whole Orchestra.

When children are taught the correct way in any sport—treating it as any other academic subject—then when they finally come to play a match they will enjoy it, have fun demonstrating their skills, and able to interact with the players in their team.  

Finally, parents will be astounded at the performance of their children, and able to enjoy watching their children demonstrate the skills they have mastered.

David Richardson

Programme Director, MHTT

Head Coach, Market Harborough Hockey Club

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How to find us:

Pitch: Welland Park Academy, Welland Park Road, Market Harborough, Leicestershire LE16 9DR

From the North: from the A6, head into Market Harborough on the B6047 and through the town centre. Once past the market on the left, the next major road on the right will be Welland Park Road. Welland Park Academy is 200 yards on the right hand side.

From the M1: exit at junction 20 (Lutterworth), and head towards Market Harborough on the A4304 Lutterworth Road. As you enter Market Harborough, bear right at the first mini roundabout onto Welland Park Road. Go straight over the second mini roundabout. Welland Park Academy is on the left hand side after the park.

From the South: head into Market Harborough on the A508. At the junction with Welland Park Road, turn left. Welland Park Academy is 200 yards on the right hand side.

From the East: head into Market Harborough on A4304. At the crossroads just after the station turn left onto Kettering Road. At the roundabout, take the third exit onto Springfield Street. At the junction with Northamption Road turn left, then immediate right, onto Welland Park Road. Welland Park Academy is 200 yards on the right hand side.

The pitch entrance is via the front gates, turn left on entering the school and follow the internal road around to the back of the school to find the all-weather pitch and parking.


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Specialist Technical Training with Market Harborough Hockey Club


For further information please email us at MHHC.


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