MHHC COVID-19 Regulations at WPA

Guidance for Saturday matches at Welland Park Academy

September 2020


To keep everyone safe we have a number of COVID-19 processes to adhere to this season.

Please take individual and collective responsibility for everyone at MHHC, visiting clubs, and officials.



Arrival at Welland Park Academy

Maintain social distancing at all times, other than during your match as stated in the England Hockey COVID-19 guidance.

Do not enter the pitch if another match is in progress. Please read the signs at the pitch for guidance.

Visiting teams:

When you arrive on site, do not enter the pitch, please speak to a MHHC team official or Covid Officer for guidance. Please advise your team to adhere to the MHHC COVID-19 regulations at all times.

Home teams: 

Do not enter the pitch until advised by the coach, captain or MHHC official. Please adhere to the MHHC COVID-19 regulations at all times.

There are no changing facilities available at Welland Park Academy until further notice. Players are to arrive in playing kit, as stated in the England Hockey COVID-19 guidance.

Toilets are available, next to the sports hall.


Who is allowed on the pitch?

ONLY players, coaches and team officials are permitted on the pitch, within the fenced enclosure.

Covid pitch guidanceWhen matches are back-to-back, alternate sides of the pitch will be used for teams to congregate and store their equipment. Please see the diagram for guidance, if the yellow side is in use, the next match will use the blue side. Please stay on your allocated side of the pitch. 

Visiting teams are to occupy the bottom half of the pitch, furthest away from the gates, please see the diagram for guidance. Please stay within your allocated half of the pitch.

Do not enter the pitch until the previous match is over and the teams have left the pitch. 

While waiting for the pitch to clear, please wait near the large gates that you will use to enter the pitch, be socially distanced and adhere to government guidance at all times.

Use the large gates on your allocated side of the pitch only, to enter and exit the pitch, at the start and end of your match.

ALL team members and officials MUST LEAVE THE PITCH as soon as their match has finished, using the same gates as when they entered. Maintain social distancing and adhere to government guidance at all times. Please vacate the pitch as quickly as possible, no post-match team talks on the pitch.



Spectators are NOT permitted on the pitch or inside the fenced enclosure. Spectators are welcome to watch from outside the fence, socially distanced and adhering to government guidance at all times. There is plenty of space to watch from behind the fence.

Welland Park Academy has provided a QR code, for NHS Track & Trace requirements, which is displayed at the pitch. 


Injury Treatment

As set out in the England Hockey guidance:

If a participant gets injured, a member of their household or bubble can assist if present and appropriate, but others (including match officials, team mates and coaches) will still need to socially distance unless a life or limb-threatening injury necessitates compromising guidelines to provide emergency care. 

If there is a first-aider or other medical personnel present, they should be equipped with the appropriate PPE (including face coverings) to protect themselves and others if they need to compromise social-distancing guidelines to provide medical assistance.

After contact with an injured participant, the person who has administered first aid should clean their hands thoroughly with soap and water or alcohol hand sanitiser at the earliest opportunity. This advice is applicable to all situations, regardless of whether there was close contact, or the minimum 2 metre social distancing was maintained. The first aider should also avoid touching their mouth, eyes and nose.

In all cases, NHS guidance on further management should be followed.

If a participant becomes symptomatic during the activity, they should immediately remove themselves from the activity and return home as soon as possible.


Post-match Refreshments

Until further notice, post-match refreshments will not be provided for visiting teams and officials.


England Hockey Advice

Before you play or train, please read the England Hockey Step 4 Advice for Participants, which can be found here: England Hockey Advice for Participants

COVID Infographic  EH Covid match day advise


Who to Contact

If you become unwell, or need to self-isolate, please contact the MHHC Covid Officer, email: [email protected], as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please get in touch.


MHHC Committee – September 2020