MHHC Summer League

Intra-club Senior Summer League 2022

19:30 – 21:00 at RSA

Match days: Thursday 28 April to Thursday 25 May 2022

Matches will be 5- or 6-a-side, depending on the numbers playing in each match (not all players are available for every session).


Bowden Bears – playing in  BLUE 

Farndon Foxes – playing in  RED 

Harborough Hawks – playing in  WHITE 

Lubenham Lions – playing in  YELLOW 

Symington Scorpions – playing in  BLACK 

Welland Wolves – playing in  GREEN 



1Welland Wolves8661332819
2Harborough Hawks86145331219
3Symington Scorpions8533230215
4Lubenham Lions8354046-69
5Farndon Foxes82 63237-56
6Bowden Bears8172657-313
—— BB  FF  HH  LL  SS  WW 
BB ——3-23-52-12
 FF 13-8——2-66-72-1
 HH 6-26-4——7-5
 LL 7-22-5——3-27-8
 SS 4-33-18-36-5——2-8
 WW 8-33-27-710-45-6——

Notes & rules:


  • Please be aware that there will be players on the pitch with a wide range of abilities. This is a FRIENDLY COMPETITION.
  • Please remember the UMPIRES will be inexperienced too. They should be encouraged as much as possible.


  • Each team has been selected in a way which tries to distribute players from the same squad equally across the teams.
  • Each team has 7 or 8  players. Please try to rotate so that everyone gets the same amount of pitch time. Please wear a match shirt in your allocated team colour.
  • Each team is scheduled to umpire other matches. When it is your teams turn please make sure you have 2 volunteers (2 umpires for each match). Please encourage everyone to have a go at least once. Some may even enjoy it!
  • If you have a whistle/stopwatch/cards please bring them (this should not mean that you have to umpire every game, but we might be short of equipment sometimes).
  • Please make sure that someone writes the results of every match on the score sheets at the pitch—it might be best to nominate a volunteer in your team!


Normal hockey rules except:

  • Each game will be 5-, 6-, or 7-a-side (depending on the number of available players), across half a pitch with full size goals.
  • All games MUST be played with an equal number of players on each team.
  • Each game will be approximately 25 minutes one way.
  • Each game MUST finish at the least 2 minutes before the next is due to start. This might mean a game finishes early if it starts late or is stopped for injuries, etc.
  • Full size shooting circles as marked on the pitch.
  • ALL shots on goal MUST be below backboard height, and must be pushed, flicked or slapped (i.e. no hits!).

Penalty corners:

  • Defending team sets up with 3 players in their own defensive circle, and the rest in the other circle. Attackers may start anywhere on the pitch.
  • Attacking team will have a free hit on the half way line.
  • When play is started everyone (attack and defence) is immediately in-play.

Penalty stroke:

  • Penalty stroke will be a push/flick from half way line, with no goalkeeper or defender (i.e. a free shot at an open goal).

If you have any questions please ask. We are sure we will have not thought of something, so some of the rules might have to change on the fly!

Please note: anyone who has outstanding debts to the club will NOT be allowed to take part. If this affects you please contact the Treasurer ASAP.